Sunday, January 2, 2011

Catch Up on Christmas!

Christmas Break officially ends tomorrow when Atley goes back to school. Everyone is a little sad and a lot tired. We had a great Holiday, so great I failed to keep up with my 25 days of Christmas via my blog. However, let me assure you that we more than completed our 25 days of Christmas. We went to an NBA game, mom and I saw South Pacific at the Kennedy Center, Atley had a most splendid school party, we shopped, we ate, we watched holiday movies, read holiday books, we took the boys to a hilarious play at the Imagination stage in Bethesda called-Junie B. Jingle All the Way!. We had lots of fun and made great memories. It was truly a special Christmas with baby Harley.

We spent Christmas Eve with some of our very favorite friends. One made amazing costumes and the kids acted out the nativity. Harley played a ginormous Baby Jesus and was as sweet as can be. Nash was Joseph and Atley a wise man. Nash wasn't really into the whole marriage/baby thing! He complained and then got a bloody nose which probably ruined his adorable costume.

When the party was over and the kids were in bed Scott did what every good dad does on Christmas Eve-built things until the wee hours of the morning.

The boys were so excited as we made them wait on the stairs while Granny, daddy, and my camera got ready for their happy faces on Christmas morning.

Santa was good to the kids, even though the kids were not always that good! Harley got her very first American Girl Doll and the boys rode their scooters all day with their new cowboy boots on. There were a few crashes but no serious injuries. Occasionally, they would stop to make us a special treat with their new kitchen set, or play with their crane and Pillsbury Dough Boy, aka Nash's new best friend.

We are so grateful for the year we have had and we are excited for the adventures that a new year will inevitably bring!

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