Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Perfect Day...Almost

Last weekend the weather was nice and cool, especially for the first of June. We went to Butler's Orchard and picked strawberries.  I have never tasted such strawberry perfection.  We ate at least a pound while we were picking and brought another 3 lbs home. They were gone within 24 hours. No wonder Harley kept saying, "I have a tummy ache!"

After picking we found this amazing place in Germantown, Maryland called Adventure Park. It had a wooden castle, a ship, a rock wall and lots of other fun things. The boys played Harry Potter for hours, while I did my best to keep Harley safe. She believes that anything her brothers can do, she can too. It was an almost perfect day, if only we didn't have to go home to a messy house without daddy.

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G&G said...

what a fun day. I used to take kids to pick strawberries right after school was out in WA. Then we would make jam, pies, cobblers, etc. etc. My Mom was with us one year and she finally got all the strawberries she could eat. The place you went afterwards looks really fun. Guess you got the Daddy home now, but the messy house is pretty much there all the time, right??? I remember those days.