Monday, June 4, 2012


Atley and Harley both got new bikes for their birthday. Atley because he had outgrown his and Harley because she needed a pink one. This means that Nash also got a new bike, because new to him is almost always Atley's hand-me-downs.  Does it suck to be the middle child? Sometimes I feel a little sorry for him. He hardly ever gets something "new."  The odd thing is he is probably my most giving child.  Interesting. The bike upgrades have taken more than a little practice considering the front hand brakes and bigger sizes but they are all finally getting the hang of them. We spent a lot of time riding over Memorial Day weekend. In fact, we only had one bloody knee throughout the whole learning process. Now that Nash can handle a bigger bike he has decided he is ready for the motorcycle this summer in Colorado. We shall see!

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