Sunday, June 3, 2012

Turtle Whisperer & Snake Charmer

Paying no regard to the safety of others including my own children, when I saw a turtle crossing the street on our way to the bus stop I immediately slammed on the brakes and swung open the door, not necessarily in that order. I ordered the boys to jump out and catch it.  Nash was a little slow on the up-take but it didn't take long for Atley to seize the turtle that we decided to call Shelldon.  We catch a turtle almost every summer, but we actually kept track of this turtle for almost an entire 24 hours before he made his great escape.  I can't say that I blame the poor fellow. If the boys touched him he would immediately hide in the safety of his box shell, but Harley was like the turtle whisperer. He was always sticking his creepy little head out, growling, and peering at her while she played with him. Harley hauled that thing around everywhere. She took it in the wagon, jumped with it on the trampoline, and carried it around in a little green bucket all over the house. Not the mention, the fun time she and Nash had putting the turtle on his back and laughing while he struggled to roll over without their help.  She would sometimes set the bucket he was in down and the turtle would stick its head out and begin rocking the bucket to and fro. She would scream at him, tell him to be quiet and hold still. He seemed to almost always obey.

In other reptile news, Atley played the part of a mischievous snake in the school play this week.  The best example of type-casting I have ever witnessed.  His main role required him to interrupt others, sing loudly, and dance.  He was absolutely perfect! We are beginning to let go of our hoop dreams for our eldest son and admit that he really is a great little actor/singer.

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Melinda said...

Turtle whisperer - I love it! She's got experience, keeping the boys in line. The turtle was no problem.