Friday, June 1, 2012

Preschool Graduation

We were a little nervous at times but Nash officially graduated from homeschool/cooperative preschool yesterday. I can't believe he will be off to Kindergarten next year! (tear, tear)  The event took place in our backyard.  The party theme was Dr. Seuss' book, Oh, The Places You'll Go!  We made graduation caps out of round bowls and square plates and marched down the hill to Pomp & Circumstance.
Our ceremony consisted of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, reading the Dr. Seuss book, and playing a pin the pin on the map game to see the places in the world where they could really go someday. The whole map game was a tad too literal for some of them.  Being blindfolded Nash didn't get his pin in his beloved mother country, Great Britain, rather Spain, which incited a huge melt down.  Later, when we had lunch and he offered the prayer, he said, "Please help me to have fun in Spain and to learn to love the people." After the game the kids received their diplomas and candy leis.
They threw their caps in the air!
We played a few more games and watched a slide show of all the fun things we did throughout the year. Finally, we had lunch and lots of chocolate cake!


Melinda said...

Awesome ceremony! I'm sure Nash will love Spain. I hope he's workig on his Spanish.

G&G said...

What a fun time, I love those graduation caps.....