Monday, July 29, 2013

Cooking with my MINIONS

I love cooking with my kids. I think it is a fantastic learning experience for them and an amazing way for me to develop my patience.  I saw a picture of these adorable Minion cupcakes and thought it would be a great summer afternoon activity.  (SHH! The kids think I am totally amazing and that I had the idea all by myself!!)
The best part about these treats is that there are enough steps to keep each kid busy throughout the entire process.
Atley's job was to follow the directions on the cake mix and make it entirely on his own. Of course this job included licking the beaters.
Nash was in charge of opening and cutting the Twinkies in half and helping me ice the cooled cupcakes.
Harley had to line the cupcake pan, sort the Smarties, and then add/eat the blue sugar sprinkles on the iced cupcakes. Meanwhile the boys decorated the Twinkies to look like Minions.

They were so proud of their finished product that they opted not to eat any until their dad got home.  At first I thought, what a tender little sacrifice but then I realized they actually weren't eating them because they were already too full of batter, Twinkies, Smarties, icing and sugar sprinkles to find the cupcakes in the least bit appetizing.


Melinda said...

Those turned out amazing. Go kids!

G&G said...

How fun and what patience. You are remarkable.