Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rocky Mountain High

The first few days of our trip we spent in the mountains with my Gilleland side of the family. My grandparents, Harley and Janice,  have 18 grandchildren and 33 great-grand children with 3 more on the way and almost all of us were there.  Many of my favorite childhood memories took place on the ranch with my cousins. I love to see my own kids having so much fun fighting and playing with their cousins just like I did. One summer when Scott was in Colorado I remember hearing about a family reunion he attended where he got into a fight with his Colorado cousins. He was upset because they were senselessly killing mice.  I remembered thinking at the time, (I was probably 14) what a city slicker and wuss he was to be upset about killing mice. Well, things came full circle when my boys had an all out battle with their Colorado cousins over killing snakes and caterpillars.  I have a few city slickers of my own now, but I love them just like I loved their dad. Besides the trauma of witnessing the death of a few water snakes, they got to shoot their BB Guns and Bows, explore caves, play in the creek and the river, catch creatures, ride 4-Wheelers and dirt bikes.  It was a little boys paradise and Harley fit right in. We even saw a bear which was really exciting. Sometimes I think I could actually abandon civilization and take my little family into the woods and live that way forever, but then I remember how much I like to shop and eat at McDonald's.

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