Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Old Town Scavenger Hunt

Today we spent the morning wandering around Alexandria searching for clues about George Washington!  I made the boys use directions-like head West on Cameron Street until you see the White Clap Board House.  They even had to use the compass on my phone.  Alexandria is such a quaint old town and we love spending time there.  The day was such a success, I might have to plan a few more hunts before summer's end.
We visited Wise & Gadsby's Tavern. Wise's Tavern is where Washington was first referred to as Mr. President, which is a moniker that has stuck with each succeeding president.  Gadsby's is an Inn that Washington frequented and where Thomas Jefferson held his Inaugural Ball.
We visited Washington's Town Home and even sat in his Pew at Christ's Church. The kids especially loved walking through the cemetery in the churchyard. They were morbidly fascinated with the graves, some of which even explained in detail how the person had died nearly 300 years earlier.

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