Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mt. Vernon With Nash & His Sister

Today was Nash's field trip to George Washington's plantation Mt. Vernon.  Three years ago I attended the same trip with Atley.  However, unlike Atley who wanted to spend the whole day holding his loving mother's hand, Nash was all about his buddies, being cool and learning as little as possible.  Sometimes I wonder how the two of them could possibly be brothers.  Harley had to tag along which totally cramped Nash's style.  Before we toured the mansion the tour guide asked how many of them would like to be president one day.  Of course all of the 1st graders raised their hands.  The guide then asked what they thought it required to be a good president. One kid said, "Being respectful!"  Another said, "Exercising!"  One more said, "Showing kindness!"  Then Nash raised his hand and said, "Someone who knows how to lower taxes for the middle class."  After everyone stopped laughing the guide asked everyone who their favorite president was. Of course everyone said George Washington.  Leave it to Nash to say, "My favorite president was Abraham Lincoln because at least he freed the slaves instead of owned them." I must admit it was slightly comical watching the tour guide squirm and jump to poor General Washington's defense.  He is really a trip sometimes.
Here are some highlights of our day.
Apparently, Washington had a penchant for exotic animals.  One Christmas he bought a camel for his grandkids and Mt. Vernon has kept a camel ever since.
The two cutest bums I know. 

 Learning how to make chocolate from cacao beans.

It was fun to be there are Christmas time. The decorations were lovely. I love all the live plants they used to decorate in colonial times.
By the way Ispy the elf returned via snail-mail on Monday. 

In the package from the North Pole was a nice reminder letter from Chris Kringle about how the children are expected to behave.
First night Ispy created a swing from a candy cane and left a little message with post-it notes. Let the fun begin.

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