Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ispy the Elf-Help Thou Mine Unbelief

Yes, you have all met him in Christmas' past and he arrived again this year by mail, soon after Thanksgiving, bringing with him a Playmobile Advent Calendar. Ispy has been up to his usual elf antics which generally include references to poop and other potty-talk trickery. Pooping Hershey Kisses always make my irreverent children giggle. One night he even sneaked into the boy's room and painted their toe nails while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads. Unfortunately, we have approached a year where there is only one-true believer left in our household.  This really backfires on me when I threaten the boys with, "Be nice and remember Santa is watching." So, Ispy and I have worked really hard to get those unbelievers to doubt their doubt and be ever fearful that they are being WATCHED!  
First, with the magic of modern technology, Ispy managed to capture an image of the Jolly Old Elf himself creeping back up our chimney one night after checking in on the kiddos. 
Needless, to say they were a little freaked out. 
Second, Ispy left them each a little book full of pictures of themselves throughout the year as a reminder that he has been WATCHING all year long!  
They were even more freaked out.

 These books are actually a printed compilation of my Instagram pictures that I had made into three adorable books HERE!  (3 for $10)
That good little elf even left us a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas! 
(I think I saw him buying this flannel Nativity at Michael's for $6.99)

Anyway, we love our elf and I will keep you abreast of anything exciting he may come up with during the days leading up to Christmas. 

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G&G said...

So excited to see your decorated house and those precious kids.