Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nash's Baptism

As prepared as we thought we were when we packed the car and set out to leave for Nash's baptism, we still had drama.  Things were going remarkably smoothly considering one child and one mother had strep throat and another child had a double-ear infection. The baptism boy was well, so we just had to survive the day and I really believed I was prepared for anything and that I had thought of everything. After, the electricity went out for Atley's baptism, I felt certain I could handle whatever happened.  Oh, how the mighty fall!  Granny, Grandma Butler, Atley, Nash, Harley and I went to the church at 7:30 AM to fill the font, set up the chairs and the refreshment tables, get the slide show ready, practice songs and talks and take pictures for the big event.  Dad and Grandpa Butler had to get themselves ready and pick up the pre-ordered donuts and hot chocolate and be there no later than 9:15 AM.  We got the chairs set up. Atley practiced his song and Harley practiced her talk to perfection.  The font was filling on schedule.  We decided to set up a different room for the donut and hot chocolate bar.  Somewhere in the midst of all the chairs and font filling I lost my phone.  As we were setting everything up I realized I had forgotten the whipped cream.  I frantically searched for my phone to call Scott and have him bring some. I couldn't find it, so I had to use my mom's phone. I discovered an exasperated voice on the other line. Scott had been trying to call me for over an hour. He was no longer at home and the donut order wasn't anywhere near ready. We also discovered in our conversation that neither of us remembered to bring an extra white shirt. There was no time for him to go home again before the baptism.  He would just have to put a wet shirt on under his suit jacket and there would be no whipped cream.  Now if the Dunkin Donut guy would hurry up, he might just make it on time.  In all the confusion, I realized I hadn't turned off the font. I raced down the hall to shut off the water. It was about a centimeter from flooding.  The moment Scott and Nash got in, it would surely be overflowing all over the church floor.  What to do?  The only way to unplug it would be to get in the water.  We sent Nash in naked.  Unplugging it was no problem.  It was at a reasonable depth in a couple of minutes and so we told Nash to dive down and plug it back in.  He dived down but could not get it plugged back in.  He tried again and again, but his bootie kept bobbing back up.  Guests were arriving and witnessing three women gathered around the font directing a naked boy with words like, "Reach, Stretch, Your not trying hard enough." I am fairly certain some ran away in horror.  We even sent him into the font with a broom, but try as he may,  he could not get the plug back in place.  The font was draining fast. I had to turn on the water to try to offset the water we were losing.  Everyone was there and all they could hear was water draining and water running. The microphone wasn't working properly and I couldn't get the TV to work for the slide show that I had spent hours putting together. Still there was no Scott or Grandpa Butler and everyone had already been waiting for ten minutes and the water was draining fast.  Finally, Scott  arrived and a friend had offered to run home and get another white shirt-one small crisis averted.  We started the program with the soundtrack of a very loud babbling brook as mood music behind my talk on Baptism.  Of course, at this point the water pouring into the font was ice cold because the hot water had been exhausted at least an hour earlier. Additionally, the water pressure couldn't keep up with the rapidity of the drain.  Half-way through my talk I saw Scott get up and leave.  A small moment of panic for me-but he quickly returned soaking wet up to his knees and miraculously the sound of draining and running water stopped.  Luckily, he decided he better wade in before there was no water left. Nash was baptized in 2 feet of water, but he was baptized none the less. When he came out of the water he rightfully exclaimed, "WHOA! That was cold!"  Atley's solo was amazing and Harley's talk was fantastic. The microphone miraculously worked for both of them. I completely lost my voice about 20 minutes after the baptism and it didn't return for 3 days, another tender mercy. The slide-show was a big bust but the boys dressed quickly, so I am the only one who was disappointed.  Despite the stress and drama, the spirit was felt by all who attended, even those friends who are not of our faith.  It was a memorable day for all of us and one not to be forgotten by Nash anytime soon.  The hot chocolate and donut bar was a big hit. Thanks to the mother of Nash's best friend I even got one picture of him in his Baptismal whites!  Also thank you to another friend who grabbed my camera and took pictures of all the festivities, when I was too rattled to remember.  Thank goodness for great friends and the power of prayer.

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