Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

It has been a busy and wonderful month! Here is a glimpse of some of our Christmas festivities, starting with Christmas Day and working backwards.
The kids didn't really specify what they wanted this year, which made Christmas morning a big surprise and for the most part a happy surprise.  Nash loved "The World's Biggest Gummy Worm."   Atley's favorite was the globe he got from Granny and Harley loved her robot dog, apparently, the real one wasn't enough.
Santa brought Harley a bigger bike. She had no trouble getting used to it. Now she can go even faster!
We ate Christmas Eve dinner at our favorite restaurant and it was awesome not cooking!
Per tradition the kids opened one present from us, which, as always, was pajamas, but they also received new sleeping bags.  They starred in the Ward Christmas Nativity and made a last minute request to Santa.  Ispy came faithfully each night.  His Gingerbread House is one of my favorites.
This year, the day before Christmas Eve, I gave each kid money to buy gifts for their siblings.  They were so excited. They loved the shopping and finally understood, just a little, how much fun it is to give. They opened their sibling gifts  Christmas Eve morning and were elated with what was chosen for them.
No Christmas season is complete without the building of the Gingerbread Messes, I mean the Gingerbread Houses.  I am not a huge fan of this tradition, but the kids seem to like it despite the frustration and the fact that Gingerbread is nasty.
Grandpa & Grandma Butler & Granny were here for a few days before Christmas. We had a great time at National Harbor at ICE and the National Botanical Gardens.
The boys had a holiday piano recital. Atley played Joy to the World.  Nash played Torches Here Jeanette Isabella. Their hard work paid off and we were super proud of their performance.
We are so grateful for the birth of our Savior, His life of example and especially for His atoning sacrifice for us. We feel truly blessed to feel our Savior's love and the love we have for one another!

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