Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nash's 8th Birthday

Nash celebrated his 8th birthday a couple of weeks ago.  The highlight of turning 8 was of course his baptism, more on that later. We also took him to a Baltimore Ravens football game.  He is their #1 fan!  It is almost ridiculous how deep his obsession goes. He literally makes himself sick with worry when he watches a Raven's games.  He loses his appetite and goes completely berserk if they lose.
Here he is meeting his favorite player Dennis Pitta a few weeks before his birthday.  
  Seeing the game in person was almost more excitement than he could handle. He was a nervous wreck. Thankfully, they won and he was instantly the happiest boy on earth. He could not stop talking about it for days.  We got to the game early enough for him to be able to get close to the field and see the players up close. He was stunned, as we all were, at how enormous they were in person.

When we got home from the game we ate birthday cake. Unfortunately, I failed to buy candles so, just to clarify, Nash is not turning 33!
He had his favorite, P.F. Chang's, for his birthday dinner and contrary to the look on his face in the picture above, he loved it.  
Happy Birthday Big Guy! We love you lots.

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