Friday, August 27, 2010

Boys Night

Scott took the boys to the Nationals vs. Cubs game Wednesday night. Harley and I stayed home and I must say it was so quiet and peaceful. She happily played in her exersaucer without the interruptions of screams and boys chasing each other. Plus it must have been a great experience for Scott taking Atley and Nash out in public without me. I am not sure how the game went but the boys had lots to say about the METRO ride to the stadium, the playground at the ball park, the giant presidents that ran the bases,(George Washington Won) the build-a-bear workshop at the field, and the Geico Gecko that was there. Atley told me he asked him if he could save 15% or more on car insurance. He might be watching a little too much TV this summer. Anyway, with the boy's night out on Wednesday and the fun girl's night I had last night, I am feeling quite refreshed. I might actually be a pretty good mom for a few hours. That is probably how long it will take until I get tired again.

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