Monday, August 2, 2010


If I had to choose one word to describe Nash, it would probably be ornery! He is one of the most mischievous little boys you could ever find. However, occasionally, he comes up with some hilarious comments. Here are a few I wanted to remember and I thought you might enjoy!

1. At the dinner table Nash was asked to give the blessing on the food. He generally refuses to pray and this night was no different. In an effort to convince him to say the prayer his granny said, "I think it would make Heavenly Father really happy to hear from you.!" Nash replied with, "Come on Granny! Heavenly Father is just pretend." Then Atley says, "No He isn't Nash. He lives in heaven near the final frontier."

2. After asking Nash to come take his vitamin one night he tells me, "Gosh, mom! Why do you have to be so bossy all the time? It makes my head feel like it is going to explode."

3. I have a super-cute cousin who just graduated from high school. Nash immediately took a liking to her and one night at my grandparent's home he said, "Shantae, do you want to be my girlfriend?" Shantae replied in the affirmative to which Nash responded by saying, "So, are we gonna hold hands, or what?" When she said yes he immediately walked over to her and grabbed her hand wearing a big cheesy smile.

4. While helping me give Harley a bath one night Nash says, "Mom, don't forget to wash her big butt in the back and her little butt in the front."

5. During the 24th of July Pioneer Day Celebration all of the little kids were seated on a make-shift bench near the road to watch the parade. The missionaries in the area walked in the parade handing out pass-along cards to the spectators. When the missionaries approached our family they began asking the kids on the bench where they wanted to serve their missions. Atley quickly replied Florida and then the missionary asked Nash, "Where do you want to go?" Without hesitation Nash looked up at this poor young missionary and said, "I want to go to hell!" Obviously I need to get this boy some religion.


Thefab4 said...

I LOVE it!!! I laughed so hard!

April said...

That Nash--what a funny little guy!