Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Worth It: Postpartum Confessions

It has been three months since my princess was born and I am remaining optimistic about my post-pregnancy self. For example, I like to pretend that my stretch marks and c-section scars are battle wounds and it makes me feel really tough. I am saving the hand fulls of hair that fall off of my head to knit Scott a warm winter sweater. My wedding ring still doesn't fit. I am not sure when to admit that it will never fit again and have it resized. Right now it is kind of a rush running around town pretending to be a wild woman with three illegitimate children. I actually fit into a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans. Granted, I have at least three inches of muffin-top overhang, but I have managed to convince myself that this squishiness is just excess skin and it will eventually snap right back into place. I have actually learned to take it as a compliment when others say, "Oh, the baby has gotten so chubby." Followed by, "She looks just like you." Every morning I try on my favorite pair of pants. Although, I currently cannot get them passed my knees, I have the faith that one day they will slide right on. At which time, I will reward myself by eating a half pan of warm brownies smothered with whipped cream and sugar sprinkles. I am also thoroughly enjoying my new perfume. It is called Parfum de Baby Vomit. I like to randomly spread it around on my clothes throughout the day, paying close attention to keep an ample supply smeared on my left shoulder. However, there is one area where I continue to struggle. Why do women, who aren't voluntarily supplying the milk to feed an infant, or, as in my case enough milk to feed a small African Nation, want big boobs! What a nuisance!
One thing I know for sure, every time I look at my sweet baby I know that it is all worth it. Harley is an amazing little girl. She is happy and good and all I ever hoped for. I love her with all my heart. It is so fun to watch her grow and learn. She is certainly worth her MOMMY'S weight in Gold! Happy QUARTER of a YEAR birthday, my little pudgy angel!

Harley's Three Month Stats:
Weight: 14 lbs. 6 oz.
Height: 25 inches


Wendie said...

The grass is always greener. That is all I can say. I might trade my wedding ring not fitting for big boobs...but with big boobs and no wedding ring there is no telling what I would do.

April said...

Oh Melisa, I'm so with you! I'm still waiting to fit into the majority of my clothes, I also don't understand the big boob fascination, but my baby is an angel. I can't wait to meet little Harley. She is so adorable!

Tracy said...

She is beautiful! I wish I could've fed an African Nation with milk while I was nursing my kids, but it was quite the opposite, Tara almost starved by 6 months old and with Michael I learned to start baby foods at 4 months so that he didn't starve. So be grateful for bib boobs, you can pass some boobage onto me :) Oh and it took me about a year to fit into my regular jeans with both kids, so I think you're doin' pretty good!

Bisel Family said...

Ummmm...my baby is 11 months, and muffin top and squeezing are still a real part of my life. Yet, with the perfume we both love, these babies are yummilicious (it's a word, I promise).