Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Headin' Home

It was definitely sad to leave Colorado. The boys cried when it was time to go to the airport, and when they watched the plane leave without us they cried again. Oh, the joy of traveling with three small children. Nash managed to lighten the mood by lifting my dress up over Atley's head and flashing our fellow traveler's his mother's bootie. However, being stuck in Albuquerque was actually kind of fun. First, we were able to spend one more night with Granny and we went to the Albuquerque Aquarium, which believe it or not, is actually really cool. Plus staying in a hotel is always fun when you are a kid.

Eventually we got on the plane and while I was busy collapsing the stroller and trying to get situated the boys took off for the cock pit. Atley even made an announcement over the PA system. He said something like, "Welcome aboard this flight to Washington D.C. We hope you enjoy traveling on an MD-88." When he was finished the pilots said, "Wow, you are going to make a really good pilot some day." To which his mean little brother replied, "More like a really good flight attendant." Fun times!


G&G said...

I can't believe they are actually in the cockpit. What fun they always manage to have.

Thefab4 said...

I laughed so hard when I read Nash's comment to his brother. He never misses a beat does he?