Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cupcake Controversy!

Everyone knows about this new cupcake trend spreading like wildfire all over America. This pastry plague began right here in our nation's capital. We don't just disagree about politics in D.C. we also disagree about the best cupcake in town. I really wanted to be the judge, so, I forced myself to try three of the city's most famous cup cakery's!

First up, CAKE LOVE!
Price: $3.25 per cupcake or $19.50 for half dozen.
Favorite Cupcake: (Yes, I tried a few)

German Chocolate!

Conclusion: Great cupcake, maybe even better than Grandma could make, but Cake Love Cupcakes don't seem fresh. They are kept in the ice box. Upon purchasing the clerk will advise you to wait until the cupcake warms up to room temperature. Let's be realistic, you are buying cupcakes, who wants to wait for them to warm up! I want instant cupcake gratification. Plus, they were a bit too expensive.


Price: Average price per cupcake $3.55 or six for $17.00
Favorite Cupcakes: Couldn't pick just one here.

Actually Dipped Peanut Butter

Flourless-Tastes just like a fudgy brownie.
This place was incredible but a little bit pricey.


This store might be the establishment that started the Cupcake Craze when it became a TLC Reality Show!
Price: $2.75 each or $15 for six
Favorite Cupcakes:

Delicious and the least expensive, BUT, we waited for an hour to get to the door! Although, you might catch a glimpse of someone famous at Georgetown Cupcake!
Some other people I know also saw Stevie Wonder the other day. Of course, he didn't see them. Sorry, that was tasteless but the cupcakes definitely were not!

Conclusion: A few dollars poorer and 5 pounds fatter I had to return to Economics 101 to make my decision. Georgetown Cupcake and Cupcakes Actually are equally yummy. Georgetown cupcake is 80 cents cheaper per cupcake but you wait an eternity. Remember I want instant cupcake gratification and so I must weigh my opportunity cost and crown CUPCAKES ACTUALLY as the winner of the best cupcake in town!!! Then again Betty Crocker makes a great cupcake and you can get 24 out of a box that costs $2. But, where is the fun in that?

The boys agree with my decision! Just look at Nash savor that moist yumminess as he gobbles down his cupcake from CUPCAKES ACTUALLY!


Thefab4 said...

YummY!!! They all look DELISH!!!! My brother and his wife had a cupcake - "wedding cake" at their reception. The cupcakes were from a well known Seattle "cupcake" establishment. Thanks for the cupcake info! :P

G&G said...

And I thought it was just Atlanta, we have had all kinds of really yummy cupcakes recently, but I agree they are just too expensive.