Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paper City

A friend told me about this amazing blog entitled Made by Joel. Joel creates all sorts of amazing things for his children. He drew a paper city and has the template available on his blog. We took his template and created a city uniquely our own. It kept the boys entertained for several hours, both while they created the city and now that it is finished and they can actually play with it.

Joel used photo paper to make the city and it's figures more durable. First, we colored the city, the people, cars, and helicopter. Next, I used Mod Podge to make the figures more boy proof. Laminating would work better but we used what was available to us.
After we cut it all out, we had an amazing little city. We hooked the helicopter to a string tied to a button so that the boys could fly it around and strategically land on the heli-pad. Thanks Joel for the incredible idea and a day full of fun entertainment!


KLO said...

Hey Meliss, this looks great! I kind of want to make one myself! I have been really enjoying your blog and the summer updates and just thought I would say hello!!

Janae Walker said...

i need that template! looks amazing!