Monday, December 13, 2010

The Christmas Angel

I wrote this in memory of our sweet niece who turns 11 today but is celebrating her birthday in heaven.

The Christmas Angel

Our story begins with the Holiday birth,
Of a Christmas Angel here on this earth.
In a tiny body with eyes bright and blue,
Shone the spirit of one, most valiant and true.
With Holly and angels all gathered 'round,
A life began, a new love was found.
Her soul was so strong. This child was different.
And all who beheld sensed her spirit was brilliant.
Her journey was short, though she taught all she met
about patience and faith, things we cannot forget.
Then just one month after her passing,
came another baby girl, with hope everlasting.
I like to believe they met somewhere above.
And the Christmas angel taught what she knew about love.
I imagine them there, each without worldly pain.
And the Angel was cheering her on as she came.
They were sisters in heaven and cousins below,
Now she’s an angel companion to help the girl grow.
She was the most cherished gift we ever were given.
Yet we understand the joy she must now know in heaven.
So, we will be reminded with the smile of each twinkling light,
Or the eastern star shining so very bright,
That the one we love is never far.
Just as sure as that glowing new star,
We love, miss, and hold her dear.
But never doubt that the Angel is near.

In loving memory of Alexis Holly Butler.

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G&G said...

Beautiful and so well done, another one of your talents, you have so many. Love ya