Monday, December 6, 2010

Festival of Lights

Day #6: Washington D.C. LDS Temple, Festival of Lights. Can you tell it was a little cold? But, definitely worth braving the elements.

Ispy reminded the boys to brush their teeth! Nash was mortified that he would write on the mirror with soap. He asked, "Are you going to spank him mom?"
I also made a Christmas present for Harley--a Sleep Sack! She is out growing the HALO sack she received at her baby shower and I thought, "Hey, I could make one of those!" It was SEW simple that I had time to make the boys some SHARK MITTENS for the cold weather tonight! Nash wanted green sharks and Atley had to be different, (surprise-surprise), with one dark blue and one light blue.

In other news, Atley made the local paper and it wasn't even for something criminal. Rather, for conducting an experiment about mold with his classmates. Check out the link!

Experimenting at Churchill Road


Janae Walker said...

i need lessons from you! you are so talented :)

G&G said...

Another awesome day at the KSB's. Love you guys, love the blog