Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snowflakes and Birthdays

Day #15- 30 years and one day after Scott entered the world, came his second son. Spunky little Nash Joseph turned 4 years old today. However, he isn't actually aware of that fact. We are waiting until Friday, when Granny comes into town, to celebrate the blessed event. There is something about Nash's boyish naughtiness that makes him absolutely irresistible. He is funny and squeezable and we feel so thankful to have him in our home.
Today he told me, "Mom I might be crazy but Harley is completely out of control!" Then when I was complaining about the mountain of laundry I had to tackle he said, "It's your fault mom, you make us wear clothes."
Also this afternoon I came around the corner and saw him standing on the counter top with one of my snowmen Christmas decorations. His pudgy arm was wrapped around his snowman friend and they were having an intense conversation about what sounded like the local weather forecast.
And since it is his birthday here's another story. About a month ago he crawled into bed with me. He turned my head so that we were nose to nose and he tickled my face for a few minutes until he fell asleep again. He left his little hand resting on my cheek. I was in heaven. I kept so still hoping it would last for awhile. Well, it didn't. He woke up and was apparently freaked out that someone was so close to his face. He took that little hand that was so gently resting on my face and smacked me as hard as he could with it. He's adorable, if I do say so myself. We love you Nacho!

For our December to Remember activity I decided that we would make snowflakes. I had this idea of creating a snowflake curtain for my kitchen window. I could see the boys and I gathered around the kitchen table happily cutting snowflakes and chatting about the day's events, while Harley sat merrily in her highchair. The boys made ONE snowflake and I spent most of the night making the 28 more that I needed for my Snowflake Curtain. By the way I sewed the flakes together after I cut them out. A bit of a nightmare, but I do like the way it turned out. Unfortunately, the boys probably won't remember our special time gathered around the kitchen table, since it lasted for all of 5 minutes. They will probably remember that they ate chips for dinner while mom sat in a pile of little tiny scraps of white paper with the rest of the house falling to pieces around her. Despite the mess I am going to bed anyway. Although I admit to a totally irrational fear that I might kill over sometime in the night and people will see my house in this state of disastrous chaos. I worry that it will be the only thing they can think about after I am dead. "That poor Melisa sure had a dirty house!" So, I want you to know, this mess was for the sake of the snowflake! Give a girl a break.

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G&G said...

snowflake curtain totally worth it and if it is your last wonderful craft, I'll stick up for you, I know the house is usually walkable. :-)