Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Daddy's Birthday

Day #14- Scott is getting a little sensitive about his age so I won't say anything about him turning 34. The truth is, we love him even though he practically has one foot in the grave.
To celebrate we transformed our dining room into a 5 star restaurant. We called it CHEZ MOMMY! The boys were supposed to be waiters. What can I say,they were pretty lousy. We ate a four course meal prepared by "moi" and then Scott opened presents. Of course, he had to wear the official Butler-Family-Birthday-Hat throughout the process.
Nash gave him some chocolate covered popcorn-because chocolate is Nash's favorite thing and popcorn is daddy's. Atley gave him an ashtray that he made in art class, but since "you don't smoke dad, you can just put your wedding ring in it." The boys also made lots of signs and pictures to decorate the walls. Nash drew one portrait and then he made me add the following caption, "Happy Birthday! To Dad Butler."

In other news, Harley is turning into quite the mischief maker. She is already trying to peek at her Christmas presents. Get a load of where I caught her this evening. BUSTED!


Sara said...

Hahaha! I love the hat and restaurant idea! You are so creative :)!!! I don't know about 34 being old, though....

G&G said...

Love those comments by the kids and what a fun celebration. I want to have my birthday at your house. Yep that girl is up to no good, beautiful tree.