Sunday, June 5, 2011

Air Show

 The Air Show at Andrew's Air Force Base has become a yearly tradition at our house. It usually falls around Atley's birthday which luckily takes care of his party. There is nothing either of the boys love more than airplanes, so even though it is hot, crowded, and a bit of a security nightmare, we endure for the sake of the children. The highlight is always the Air Force Thunderbirds. Even though there is a running debate between Atley and Nash about which is better the Thunderbirds or the Navy Blue Angels. This year was Harley's first trip to the show. We were certain she would be terrified of the deafening sounds of the jets, but apparently life with Atley & Nash has numbed her senses because when the other children would be crying in fear, Harley would laugh.


Wendie said...

My dad flew the F-105 and then the F-16. I was tortured by airshows as a kid. They lasted FOREVER and who wants to look at a jet with thousands of others when we saw them everyday and then some. My motto was ...if you've seen one plane, you've seen them all. But for the record...Blue Angels all the way. I know I should be pro Air Force on this but we got to meet the pilots one year and the Navy pilots were Really Good LOOKIN'! They signed a poster for me. I may have slept with it.

G&G said...

I love the picture of them in the cockpit. I had some boys that loved airplanes, what does the future hold for Atley, Nash, and even Harley Belle