Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pool Progress

Having a swimming pool where we live is sometimes more of a curse than a blessing.  With the harsh winters and the multitude of foliage and critters, the up-keep is a little bit ridiculous.  So much that we didn't even open the pool last summer.  After being closed for 2 years we (actually Scott) has been working night and day to get the pool up and running for what is already proving to be a really hot summer.
When we first uncovered the pool, back in May, the water was literally black and a whopping 49 degrees.  Shortly, after this picture was taken my pool boy, Atley,  fell head first into the murky water.  Scott later pulled out at least 15 bags of leaves, worms and drowned rodent carcasses.
While the family has been working on the pool Harley has spent much of her time zipped up in the net of our trampoline. CREEPY, huh?
When the trap of the trampoline proves to be too much, she has been known to take a break by lying on the patio bricks.

When we initially uncovered the pool, the funnest part for the boys was scooping out all of the frog eggs. They carefully placed the eggs in their water table and filled it up with pool water.  It didn't take long until we had at least 200 tadpoles.  Unfortunately, we also have some carnivorous chipmunks in our yard. We kept catching them in the water capturing and eating the tadpoles with their chubby little hands. We did our best to keep the chipmunks away but on one hot day, the shallow water essentially boiled what was left of our would-be frogs.
After about 2 weeks of faithful service, the water turned a lighter shade of green and the boys were prepared to go in.  Well, at least Nash was prepared to float around on the top with Atley's encouragement.  The water temperature had risen to 63 degrees, which sent the boys attempts at swimming quickly back inside or into the hot tub to warm up.
After nearly a month of work, the water is still a little bit cloudy, but clean. Trust me, there are enough chemicals in this pool to kill a herd of elephants.  The water temperature has risen to 75 degrees. And while I have not yet jumped in, the boys and Harley are starting to enjoy the pool.
Atley is our resident jumper who avoids the deep end like the plague.
Nash likes to snorkel and capture any stray frogs.
 Harley swims for recreation and often prefers to skinny dip!
In other back yard news, Nash and I, with the help of our trusty rock remover Atley, finally got the garden planted.  I am happy to report that we now have tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, beans, and zucchini sprouting up outside.  I am always amazed to see things begin to grow.  It is like a tiny miracle.

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G&G said...

Wowee, what a lot of work on the pool, but it looks great now. I'm amazed the boys are in there and Harley too. 75 degrees, but it will get better!!!