Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Nash's Father's Day gift to his dad pretty much sums it up!  At our house we definitely think that "Dad Rocks!" 
Just look at the fun he had with the boys on their Slip-N-Slide even though it specifically said "Ages 5-12" on the box.
Since I am always writing my thoughts about motherhood, I thought it would be fun to ask Scott some questions.  So, I interviewed him.
What is the best thing about being a Father?
"Being loved by your kids!"
What is the hardest thing about being a Father?
What is your most memorable fatherhood moment?
"The births of each child."
What are your favorite things about each child?
"Atley:  His caring nature.
 Nash:  His attitude.
 Harley: Her sweetness."
What are your greatest hopes for your children?
"That they will turn out better than me!"
What is the most important thing you want them to know?
"That I love them no matter what!"

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G&G said...

Scott, deep thoughts, you are maturing nicely. We love you no matter what too and always have admired your great attitude and see you do have some caring ways. Sweetness?, well maybe a little. Our great discipline has made you the man you are..... Keep loving us. Mom and Dad