Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cabin John Park

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day, warm temperatures, low humidity, and perfect for a day at the park.  Nash, Harley, and I went to a place called Cabin John Regional Park in Maryland.  It is a shady place (shady trees, not shady scary )with lots of picnic areas, play equipment for all ages, and this adorable little train that you can ride through the woods for $1.75. We even saw a giant beaver in the woods, which for some reason only made me excited.
 Of course, Harley thinks that she is as big as her brother and tries her best to keep up.  She actually did pretty good climbing the equipment, sliding down, and brushing herself off when she fell.  She had a routine when she would fall into the wood chips. She would hop up, brush off her belly, brush her hands together a few times,  then pat her butt twice before playing again-perhaps a little OCD but cute nonetheless.
  Since Harley was born Nash has always been a fabulous big brother.  He has loved Harley from day one and I don't think he has ever felt a moment of jealousy.  I love how kind and gentle he is with her. I hope that he always looks out for his baby sister.  She adores Nash as well and it is so much fun to watch them interact.  With Atley getting out of school next week I am sure Harley's playtime with big brother will be trumped by Nash's playtime with Atley.  That fact made watching them play today all the more sweet.

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