Saturday, June 18, 2011

American Girl Doll Grand Opening

Today was the Grand Opening of the American Girl store in D.C.  Harley and I, with some friends, got up bright and early to get in line and join the throngs of people who were equally excited for this blessed event. We luckily arrived early enough to avoid the hours of waiting that some people must have been facing.
Harley brought her Bitty Baby and window shopped while we waited.
Outside there were also activities and freebies. Check out Harley's balloon Elmo hat!
Finally, we were inside and it didn't take her long decide, with momma's help, that she definitely needed the Bitty Baby stroller.
We had a very memorable mother-daughter morning!

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G&G said...

Yep just the start of your fun shopping times with your daughter. It just gets better and better.