Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Circle Time Mats

There are six of us who are participating in a preschool coop this year for our 4 year olds.  In preparation , I was given the task to create something that the kids could sit on during circle/story time. I finally decided to use place mats which are the perfect size for little buns. I picked them up at IKEA for $1.49 and  then attached their names.   I ironed HEAT 'n BOND to the back of my fabric, peeled off the paper and then ironed them onto the placemats. Now each child has a special spot just for him or her. Don't you think these would be cute around the dinner table too?

1 comment:

Belén said...

great idea! I'll use it for my daughter's birthday party, so I don't have to get chairs for the kids, I'll just have them sitting in the floor on these cute "carpets"