Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Death by Berry

Today we went berry picking at Butler's Orchard in Maryland.  I am sure that we, Harley mostly, consumed her body weight in raspberries and blackberries.  But, so far her tummy seems to be holding up okay.  I can't wait to make my grandma's famous jam-that is if the berries last long enough for me to make it.  Even if you are a novice canner, this jam is so easy to make and honestly, the yummiest you will ever taste. You can search my blog for the recipe if you so desire!!

Every time I looked she was picking and shoving more in her mouth.

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G&G said...

Used to take all the kids strawberry picking and it was such fun. Then we had strawberry jam, pie, shortcake, puree, let alone all the ones just eaten. Love the pictures, she is such a cutie, along with the boys, of course.