Monday, August 15, 2011

Making Goals & Reaching Some of Them!

We had three very important goals this summer: 
1. Both boys should learn to swim...

2. Nash needed to learn to ride his bike without training wheels...

Mission accomplished and yes, he even does tricks!

3.  We wanted Harley to survive the summer with little damage.  Judging from the bruises on her face sustained from a tumble down the stairs and a bike wreck with mommy, we are learning to be content with only accomplishing 2 of our 3 goals.
I am sorry baby, but remember what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.  Although I doubt you need any extra advice on being tough with Atley and Nash for brothers.


GO Gray's said...

Oh no, poor thing. I'd kind of like to hear about the bike wreck with mommy!

Melinda said...

Her expression in that picture is priceless. Much consternation.

Congrats to the boys on their big accomplishments.