Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We're Back...

and we had a great time in Colorado.  I took at list 7 million pictures so blogging about the trip seems a daunting task, but somehow I think I am up to the challenge.  I am going to divide into categories for organizational purposes.


(chickens, snakes, gators, skunks, fish, worms, turtles, & pigs)
 Greased pig gets captured. Thanks goodness he was too slippery for the boys. I didn't know how we would get it back on the plane.

 Colorado Gators

 Harley showing off her worm.  She swallowed it next.
Disposing of the stinky skunk.


 The Races!
 Cousin Cole & Atley lost their belt in the Three-Legged Race
 Nash & cousin Alyssa won the egg toss.
 Watching Atley on the float during the Manassa parade.



G&G said...

Yea, you are back, missed your blogging. Looks like a great time was had by all. We need to skyup real soon. You better come Saturday for the racecar event, the boys would love it.

G&G said...

Another look at all the photos, so fun. Thanks for blogging.