Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trash to Treasure

About two months ago at a neighborhood yard sale I bought an IKEA coffee table for $5.  It had a light wood stain and not only looked cheap but also didn't really go with the rest of my house. I wanted to do something to give it new life but couldn't decide what, so we used it anyway to eat dinner and to put our feet up. 
Then, another neighbor started remodeling.  Truth be told, when a big dumpster gets delivered to anyone in our neighborhood I get a little thrill of excitement.  I seriously might be mentally ill. Soon I noticed an interior door lying on the top of that dumpster and under the cover of night we went dumpster diving.  Scott kept asking, "Why are we doing this?" I had no answers, but I knew I wanted the door for something.  It sat in our garage for a few weeks until I had an epiphany-Use the door to prettify the coffee table.   
1.  The door was too long so I sawed off the bottom with a circular saw.
2. I painted the door blue along with the legs and sides of the IKEA table.
3. After it dried I distressed it just a little with sand paper.
4. We couldn't find the door knob in the dumpster so I went to the local hardware store and bought a crystal looking and very brassy knob. 
5. I spray painted the ugly gold with an antique rust spray and attached it along with the hinges to the door.
6.  Finally, I screwed it onto the coffee table. 
7. Total price $11.93

With the bottom of the door I had to saw off I made this Love At Home Planter, by painting it blue, adding the phrase and finally putting greenery in the hollowed out door bottom.

Scott uses miles and miles of electrical wire at work and so he always has these giant spools rolling around in the back of his truck.  I thought they would make perfect candle stands so with a little spray paint that is what they became.

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Roscoe and Daisy said...

Love it! Martha Stewart-watch out!