Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back to Baltimore Aquarium

I was looking back at previous posts and I realized that nearly every winter there has been a post about a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium.  Of course there is a reason for that, Friday night's throughout the winter, tickets to the aquarium are only $5.  At least they used to be $5 and now they are $8, which is still a bargain considering that admission is regularly like $25. Wow, sorry about all the math! The kids and I drove up after school alone because daddy was grouchy  needed a break. Don't worry we still love him but also enjoy making him feel guilty for missing such a memorable evening with the children!

Baltimore's inner harbor is beautiful and the weather was fantastic, but I must say that Baltimore is also a little bit scary, especially when you are alone and walking the streets at night.  We had trouble finding parking so we ended up parking several blocks away in Little Italy and walking to the harbor.  It was all fine in the daylight but when we were leaving and it was pitch black, I was pretty nervous. When we found our selves alone on a dark back alley with water on one side and darkness on the other, I made the kids start running.  I quickly realized it was fruitless because they were way too slow.  Never fear I always make a plan. My plan was to either ditch them if someone got to close or have everyone jump in the water if we were assaulted.  I figured no one would want to hurt us bad enough to jump into the freezing cold water too. I told the boys my plan, not the ditching them plan, but the jumping in the water plan to which Nash replied, "I think I will take my chances with a bad guy!"

Maybe I wouldn't have been so frightened if we could have just walked to our car but no, we had to stop every 10 feet for Nash to do another planking move on the street!

We ate at Potbelly before we went into the aquarium.  Why is eating with my children always such an adventure?  We were sitting by the front and every time someone from outside would start walking towards the door to enter Nash would stand up and lock the deadbolt. He said he thought it was more romantic with just the four of us.  I think the management was getting a little annoyed.

Harley enjoyed the evening but everything seemed to be even better when she had a cookie in her hand. Funny, I feel the same way about life.

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