Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For the Love of Popcorn

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If you were to ask my husband and children what one food item would be the most frightening to run out of in an emergency, they would unanimously tell you popcorn.  There is some sort of wacky Butler gene that programs each one of them to love popcorn, until the rest of us want to hurl.  My house has smelled like a movie theater for almost 13 years and I think popcorn is at least 1/3 of our food budget.  Popcorn is a DAILY staple in our household and I am nearly positive that it is consumed by my family in far greater quantities than water.  Amazingly, Harley is probably the most obsessed with these fluffy white morsels.  She, honestly wakes up in the morning and it is the first thing she asks for.  She also knows that her Dad is the popcorn maker in the family and all she has to do is approach him any time, day or night, and say, "Pocky!"  Her popcorn wish is his command. 
She then commences her popcorn dance! I find it very similar to a Native American Rain Dance. She doesn't stop until the popcorn is popping!

Wait for it...wait for it!

AHH! Popcorn Ecstasy!

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Erin said...

Hi Melisa! I know I always gush to you about your blog in person, but I thought it was time to de-lurk and declare my love for your blog on your actual blog. I love it. My husband came home yesterday and I was rattling on about all the fun new crafts and activities we were going to do, and he goes, "So, I'm assuming Melisa had a new blog post?"

Lame. But True.