Monday, January 2, 2012

When all else Fails, go Bowling!

Today was the last day of Christmas vacation and I had a fabulous day planned. Unfortunately, I failed to calculate just how many other people also had a fabulous day planned because everywhere we went it was either full or sold out.  Forlornly, we started driving home when Atley noticed a billboard for a bowling alley. "Hey, mom we should go bowling."  Nash replied with, "Yeah, mom I'm with Atley."  Why not?  Bowling alone with three kids, one being a baby, sounds like great fun!
Atley looking up at the score board and realizing that he just beat us all, while Nash tries to deal with the defeat.

Look at that form!  Nash's favorite part was crossing the penalty line to hear it beep and then sliding half way down the lane with his ball!

Usually, the most gross thing at the bowling alley is wearing other people's shoes. Today I was much more grossed out by the fact that Harley was convinced that the ball was a giant jaw breaker that she must lick and try to chew.

And yes, she is barefoot and holding a 10 lb. ball.



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