Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This, That, & The Other

What has been happening at our house? Well, I have been sick and I realized that one sick day for mom requires a minimum of 3 days make-up housework when she recovers.  I am feeling much better now. All that remains of my illness is a creepy looking sore in my mouth. I am trying really hard not to check WebMD and diagnose myself with mouth cancer. 
The kid's have been busy. We went to a birthday party and they and Scott are now hooked on KARAOKE!  I guess we will aim for American Idol instead of the NFL.

As is always the case in our house, the boys and girl are in constant competition for our attention. Sibling rivalry was exhibited in true form this week when Atley decided to make me breakfast one morning, complete with a squirt of Easy Cheese for dessert.


Not wanting big brother to one-up him, Nash followed suit with a yummy breakfast of Nutella dipped banana among other things.  Did I eat it all? Of course, come to think of it this might be the explanation for my sudden illness.

It snowed here!  Not much, but enough for the kids to get excited and make our hill slick enough to sled down.  Plus, Harley was the cutest snow bunny EVER!

Atley's Snow flower!

Harley is finally starting to watch TV.  The moment every good mother waits for! She is hooked on Elmo & Cookie Monster and will devote at least 7 concentrated minutes to them each day! This just so happens to be the perfect amount of time for me to cook one of my gourmet meals of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. WINNING!

When the children discovered just how talented they were at Karaoke, they decided to diversify by learning some dance moves as well. What can I say, they got them Moves like Jagger!

Harley has been a tomboy since birth and probably even before, but so far I have  been able to dress her in frilly things with girly colors.  However, that is changing.  Today she had on an adorable outfit and her hair was done in two pig tail buns! Of course, she put an angry bird shirt on over her cute outfit and a frog colored stocking cap on the cute hair. She was ready to ride and boy does she ride-like a maniac on her squishy cow.

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G&G said...

Sick and yet up to your creative fun blogging, you are quite the woman!!! We have been leaving messages, wanting to connect with you about next weekend.