Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scripture Study Schedule

I have a whole BUNCH of new year's resolutions that I won't bore you with in a lengthy blog post, but I will say that all of them, like all resolutions should be, are things that I hope make me a better person. We all know that we are either progressing or regressing and (confession time) I think I have been regressing.  No, I am not on the road to apostasy, but I know I can do and be better. Several years ago I read all of the Standard Works in the span of one year.  Somedays it was painful, especially the days of Old Testament scripture study, but I felt like my testimony increased and I saw very clearly how each of the Standard Works correlate.  I  progressed that year, so I am going to do it again in hopes of a similar outcome.  If anyone wants to join me I have created a reading schedule that you can click on in my sidebar.  Happy reading! 

For our family scripture study, I found this great chart which includes rewards on our way to finishing the Book of Mormon.  Please check out the source below.
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