Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Port Discovery

Today I found $8 in a pair of pants. It was the most exciting thing that has happened to me in ages.  Here we come dollar menu at McDonald's.  That is actually not what I am blogging about today, even though I really am excited. 

With only 2 weeks until school starts again and my baby boy Nash heads off to Kindergarten-Sniff, Sniff, we are trying to do something fun everyday. Yesterday we went to Port Discovery, the children's museum in Baltimore.

In the center is a huge climbing structure that the boys could have spent all day playing on but Harley was a little too small and spent the entire time crying because I wouldn't let her go inside.
She did climb in once to rescue Atley who was 3 stories high and afraid to cross the net bridge to get out.

The museum is full of little gas stations, fruit stands, grocery stores, diners, art studios, space ships, submarines, trains and more. 



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Melinda said...

Looks so fun! Love that Harley is fearless at 3 stories.