Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Until I had a daughter I never really noticed or cared about the pressure placed on women to be thin and young and perfect.  Although, I have certainly felt that pressure weighing down upon myself as I have grown older.  As I began the new year, I, like a billion other people, resolved to get thinner.  At meal-time with Harley, she noticed that I wasn't eating as much as usual and she asked why.  My response was, "Mommy's chubby and needs to lose weight."  I think I even mentioned leather pants in one of our conversations.  JEEZ!  What an example!  I realized the error of my ways when my perfect daughter was getting dressed one morning and told me she wasn't skinny enough for her skinny jeans.  She's 3!  When I think of all my duties as a mother, I think that instilling self-confidence in my children is one of the highest, if not the highest priority.  Confidence is the key to accomplishing so much in this life and lacking confidence will close doors and opportunities that should and could have been ours.  Confidence is beauty. Knowing we are daughter's of God is beauty. Kindness and love is beauty. Therefore, I will not talk about my chubbiness or dieting around my daughter. I will make sure that she knows that we have more to offer the world than our body.  We will focus on being healthy, developing our talents, and trying our best everyday.  I want to share with you this amazing video created by DOVE.  I think it really drives home my point. 

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