Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More PEAS Please! Dinner with the Animals

Monday night we were observing how we all eat our peas. Scott told a story about his older brother who hated peas, but was required to eat them so he stored them in his cheeks and sat at the table for hours without swallowing.  I personally cannot eat peas unless they are mixed with some other food thus, masking the taste. Harley and Nash opt for the skewer method of PEA eating.  While Atley shovels them into his mouth with greasy fingers.  We discovered that Scott is the only normal pea eater in the family.  I thought it was so cute the way Harley was sliding her peas onto her fork with her chubby little digits. I couldn't resist reaching for the camera. However, at our zoo if one animal is being photographed they all want a picture. This eventually led to a whole bunch of bizarre dinner photos and the removal of several shirts.  What can I say, I'm raising a pack of omnivorous fame-seeking baby wolves.

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G&G said...

Your kids all like peas????? Wow, I'm impressed.