Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Break

I am doing my very best not to get all down in the dumps now that the kids are back in school and Christmas Break is over.  It is helping that school is cancelled for tomorrow because of EXTREME COLD.  I thought I had better post a few of the things we did during break before they become totally irrelevant.  Although the Christmas crafts are definitely past their prime. 
Atley had his very first piano recital. He played Good King Wenceslas and it was perfect. Not a single mistake.  We were really proud of him for all of his hard work and practice.

Harley and her preschool friends made Christmas ornaments.

We built our Gingerbread houses.  For future reference, IKEA sells the most adorable Gingerbread houses for $3.  They don't include icing but they really are perfect and might I add, quite tasty.
We enjoyed the snow.  Although this is the outfit Nash came up with when I told him to get his snow clothes on.  I'll admit it, I'm a little nervous about his future.

We used up our left over 4th of July Fireworks on New Year's Eve and we were all in bed way before 10PM.

The cat was never so happy as she was when this mischievous boy climbed onto the school bus this morning. I think she definitely needed a break.

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G&G said...

Love it, wish we could have been to the recital, will have to hear him play next visit.