Friday, June 13, 2014

Adventures of a Fairy Princess

15 Months. That is all I have until my baby girl is in school all day, abandoning me just like her brothers did.  I feel panicked, like we are pressed for time and MUST MAKE MEMORIES NOW! Well, that and learn our ABC's and 123's.  She has been wanting to make a fairy garden for ages and was reminded of this strong desire by her dear little friend "A".  So, we spent the morning gathering moss and rocks and anything we thought suitable for a fairy princess.  She painted Popsicle sticks to make a door and picked out a button perfect for the doorknob. She insisted that the fairies needed a pool so we dug a shallow hole and put a small bowl inside that she quickly equipped with a lily pad. She truly was the engineer and I loved watching her mind, fingers, and imagination at work.

In other Harley news, she is taking swimming lessons. I am sincerely hoping this will instill a healthy fear of water in her but so far she is completely unafraid and wild.  She choked on some water the other day and vomited in the pool clearing it for any other swimmers for quite some time and making her swim teacher rethink her profession of choice. Of course it didn't stop her from jumping in over her head unassisted over and over again.

  Last Friday she woke up insisting that we go to the zoo.  She prefaced the request by saying she only wanted to see cheetahs, pandas, flamingos and seals.  Of course we took her to the zoo because she kind of scares us so we just do what she wants.  She was serious about only seeing those four animals because when we stopped to observe some other exotic and equally amazing animal she was very impatient with us.
Luckily we got a great view of the pandas and even saw the baby up in a tree.

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