Wednesday, June 11, 2014

National Personalities

I often wonder how so many strikingly different individuals could be a part of the same family. My kids are each uniquely themselves and completely different from one another.  While their shared DNA is obvious by their appearance, their personalities- not so much. It was never more apparent to me than a few weeks ago at a Washington National's baseball game.  We all agree that we love going to the games, but how each one watches and why they love it was fun to observe.
First, there is Harley, whose soul purpose and greatest joy at the baseball game is cracking and eating peanuts and singing, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame!"
Second, Nash appears to be in actual physical pain while he watches and stresses over every pitch and hit. He has his rally cap on and can't relax even though the Nat's won 10 to 2.
Finally, there is Atley who spent the first 30 minutes of the game studying the stadium safety practices and patron/fan policies and  rules.
What is even more amazing than their differences is that I still love them all the same for different reasons!

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