Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reading Rodeo

Life has been busy with the school year FINALLY drawing to a close, only 16 days left!  Last week Nash had Reading Rodeo. It is a Hoe Down to celebrate all that the 1st graders have accomplished during the school year.  I know I am not very objective but he was the cutest little cowboy EVER!  

Nash also had to square dance and since he is still in the all girls have cooties stage. We had a great time teasing him about his dance partner.  The truth is I think he liked dancing with the girls a little more than he cared to admit.  Check out the short video below!

Since this post is all about Nash, I will take this opportunity to brag about him.  He has his last baseball game of the spring season this weekend. He has loved it.  He had to take a turn playing catcher last week and definitely prefers playing 1st base.  He had an unbelievable hit during his last game. It bounced off the fence and would have gone completely out of the park if it was only a couple of inches higher.  When I asked him what he thought when he hit the ball so hard he said, "I was like Son of a BEEP!"  No, he did not say the real curse word he actually said "BEEP" which is how he swears without really swearing and it drives me bonkers!

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