Friday, June 20, 2014

Obligatory Beach Post

I have to post pictures of our first beach trip of the summer, even though summer doesn't officially start on the calendar until tomorrow and my kids are still in school for another week. I love summer. I love how in the summer my kids always smell like chlorine and sunscreen with a whiff of bug spray. I love how the boys' backs turn brown while their bums stay bright white and their hair gets blonder. I love our trips to the beach and swimming in the pool, eating outside, the extra long days, the sounds of the frogs, crickets and cicadas in the evening while we catch lightening bugs. I don't even mind the daily assortment of wet towels and swim suits strewn all over the house or how I am forced to wear the always unflattering Bermuda short to beat the heat. I also love our annual trip to Colorado. (Only 8 more days!) Bring it on Summer! We are ready.

Harley's return from her first attempt to swim to the Bay Bridge.  "I didn't quite make it momma!"  Might I have a future Diana Nyad on my hands?

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