Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Country Life

When I was little we lived on the Crowther Dairy for a few years. The dairy is where I first learned to drive while feeding cows. I was nine.  The kids love to spend time there every year. This year they expended most of their energy chasing Runaway Kitty until she was successfully captured under an old shed.
Harley didn't get to ride any horses this summer but she was great at locating them and trying to climb into their corrals.
The kids also got to gather eggs for their cousins.  Nash claims he will never eat another egg from the store because apparently he can taste the difference between store-bought and farm-fresh.
Today is our last day in the country and we are going to miss it. The boys were just getting used to the freedom of life in a very small town and the adventures that go along with it. Goodbye friends and family! We love you and miss you everyday.

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G&G said...

So glad your children get the chance to live country life each summer. It's the best way to grow up. I love the San Luis Valley and always envied friends who had cabins in the mountains. Thanks for bring you. Love ya