Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Perks of the Job

Every once in awhile we get a call from daddy that he has a meeting at some awesome place and we get to tag along.  Yesterday he took us with him to the Hazy Air and Space Museum which has always been the boy's most favorite place on the planet.  They never get tired of seeing the planes and reading about their purpose or mission. Also, they never fail to ask me to tell them the story of the Enola Gay, which is the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.  I always tell them that the pilots did not know exactly what their mission was that night because their superiors were afraid it would be too difficult for them to complete if they knew the seriousness of it.  They also love to hear why there is glass in front of the Enola Gay and not in front of any other plane in the museum. It is because many people, mostly Japanese tourists, enjoy spitting on the plane as they walk past. The glass is there to protect it from phlegm.  Another favorite spot, the Space Shuttle Discovery.  We watched it fly over Washington on its way to the museum just a few years ago.  We are always impressed at how massive the engines are and how it looks as if it is covered by a giant patchwork quilt. We also love the view from the control tower where we can see planes landing and taking off at Dulles Airport.

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