Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Low Country Boil with My Ragin' Cajun's

Despite the protests of the family, every once in awhile I like to do something besides PREGO and spaghetti noodles for dinner. Last night we had a Low Country Boil and with the exception of Nash who only ate corn it was a great success. It comes together easily with minimal clean up and who doesn't like to eat with their hands and sans plate!


Polish Sausage
Red Potatoes
Old Bay Seasoning
Chicken Broth

1. Cover table with paper, even newspaper will work. I also included lemon halves and cocktail sauce on the table.
2. Bring two cans of chicken broth and two or more cans of water to a boil with 1/2 cup Old Bay Seasoning, the juice of one lemon and a 1/2 of an onion in tact. (like a big chunk of onion)
3. Add corn and potatoes and boil for 5 minutes
4. Add sausage and boil for 5 minutes
5. Add shrimp and boil for 5 minutes or until all ingredients are tender
6. Drain off water/broth and serve over your paper

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