Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Food Truck Adventure

Washington D.C. is full of food trucks. They line the streets around Capital Gallery and Farragut Square throughout the day but especially at lunch time.  I have heard great things about some of them and Harley is completely obsessed with eating at food trucks. I think it has something to do with a hot dog she once had at a food cart in New York.  She'll never be the same. The D.C. food trucks are much more than just hot dogs. There is a grilled cheese truck, a peanut butter and jelly truck, BBQ trucks, lots of Mexican food, Vietnamese Pho, plenty of Halal and Kosher foods, cheese steaks, pizza, lobster, mac and cheese, donuts, and pretty much anything you could imagine or your little heart could desire.  Yesterday we decided to go on a food truck adventure.  We parked as close as we could to Capital Gallery (7th & Maryland). The only rule was we each had to get something from a different food truck and share what we found.

I got a burrito from this little truck.  The words FAR EAST TACO didn't register until  I had my first bite and realized my burrito was filled with some strange Chinese/Mexican food hybrid.  
Nash opted for a jumbo pretzel.  He had no desire to be adventurous with what went into his belly.
Atley headed straight for the Cheese Cake truck.  It was delicious.

Harley opted for some red beans and rice from a Cajun truck but all she really wanted was cupcakes from the cupcake truck, so of course she got some of those too.
When we got home I was totally exhausted so I ordered a pizza for dinner.  After Nash scarfed down his fair share he said, "Mom, you really gotta start feeding us something healthy. My belly is killing me. I think I am slowly dying of obesity."  

If I learned anything from our adventure it is this: when a food truck's line is long it is probably for a good reason and when a food truck does not have a line it is also probably for a good reason.
When we returned from our adventure I found this great WEBSITE where you can track your favorite food truck by pin-pointing its exact location.  So, if you are desperately in need of the delicacies of the Sweet Bite truck visit the website before you leave home.

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You are so adventerous!